women’s and men’s Canada Goose Trillium Parka Reviews

parka canada goose The Canada Goose Trillium Parka is the classic warm and rugged Canada Goose coat in a style that’s built for women. This coat has a longer length for extra warmth and protection, and Canada Goose’s legendary down insulation that’s ready for the Arctic. The Trillium Parka has a slimmer cut and slightly cinched waist so you can bundle up without losing your shape.


Fabric Rating: Water-resistant
Shell Material: 85% polyester / 15% cotton Arctic-Tech fabric
Lining Material: Woven nylon lining
Insulation: 625-fill white duck down insulation

canada goose parka mens Down-insulated adjustable hood for weather protection
Removable Coyote fur trim
2-way front zipper for access to inside
Internal drawcord cinches the waist
Storm-flap front for extra protection against the wind
Rib-knit cuffs fit close around the wrist to keep out cold air
Fleece-lined pockets for keeping fingers snug
Longer length hits at mid thigh

canada goose jacket womens [1] Too long: At 36″ length, it turns out that make the zipper about 3 inches too long to easily reach down to connect the zipper and start zipping up– instead you have to bunch the jacket up to grab both sides of the zipper to get it going, then because it’s bunched up, you can’t just easily zip it up, you have to zip it up in stages as you smooth and straighten the coat back out again and align the two edges. The coat I’m replacing is like this and I never realized that it was really all about the few inches of length, but since it bugged me the last few years with the old coat, I don’t want to switch to another one that requires the same thing — I’m switching to the Dawson Canada Goose which is 33″. The coat will still keep me warm and that 3 inches less coverage will not make that much difference except for making the zipping process much simpler.
canada goose jackets on sale [2] Red is not my type of red. I wear a cool or pure cherry red – not a tomato red. Red is my favorite color, but tomato red grates on my nerves. Red that leans towards cooler, maroon, orange, brick, washed out Nantucket red – all of those things grate on my nerve. I only like pure red. In the picture on my monitors the coat appears bright cherry red, but in person, it’s leaning towards tomato.
[3] The pockets where you ostensibly warm your hands are in a bizarrely high location, I am literally putting my hands on my breasts when I put them in the pockets. The lower pockets, sort of ‘utility pockets’ with flaps – are equally awkward to put your hands in, given they are not really meant for that, with the top opening and front positioning. Again, the Dawson coat is better designed in that it has pockets down lower where your hands naturally go into the pockets.
canada goose jacket clearance Per the Canada Goose website, this coat is a Level 4 warmth. I went for a 3-mile stroll in short sleeves in 15-degree weather with this coat, no scarf or gloves or any other extra layer, and I was sweating by the end. I could probably sleep in a snow drift in this coat. I’m sending it back and getting the Dawson anyway (for reasons outlined above) which is a level 5. The extra feature on the Dawson is a fleece layer where the neck closes – and while I haven’t received it yet, I predict I will like that better than this Trillium – which has no lining where the neck closes, and in fact while the rest of me was sweating, my exposed chin was an ice cube.

canada goose mens sale I am 5’5″ athletic 140 lbs and just got a SMALL- it is perfect!!! I am obsessed with the jacket. The comfort and warmth is next level. The fit for me is perfect- a little tight around the legs and butt area, but a medium would have been too bulky in other areas. I found a way to fix this was to unzip just a little from the bottom when necessary. Totally worth the price.

canada goose outlet Beware of fakes! I have this coat in a different size, so was able to spot some of the differences. The seller was supposedly located in Canada but it ended up shipping from Hong Kong. I’m currently working with Amazon to remedy the issue to get a refund. Make sure to carefully inspect the coat when you get it. It’s actually a pretty good fake and uses almost exactly the same materials as the real thing, but a couple of things to check that was obvious on the counterfeit I received:

canada goose jacket mens sale (1) Maple leaves on the patch/tag were “skinnier” than those on the real thing.
(2) The website on the tag had a hyphen between “Canada” and “goose”. The real coat does not.
(3) The fur was not real. Now, this may be a plus to some people but if you’re going to pay for the real thing you might as well get the real thing.
(4) The material inside the pocket was a stretchy type material instead of the fleece it should be.
(5) The metal clasp thing on the back of the hood was upside down, making the “Canada Goose” imprinted on it upside down.
(6) The backside of the snaps on the vent in the back did not have the “Canada Goose” stamp.

canada goose bomber There were some other details as well, but otherwise, as I said it was a really good fake, so if this is your first Canada Goose purchase, be wary and make sure to check these items out on the coat you receive.

Warmest coat I own. I only wear it when it’s under 20 degrees, otherwise, I overheat. The hood is heavy. I wish there was a way to remove it for days when it’s not that cold. (You can zip off the coyote fur but that is light.) That said, when it’s super cold, that hood keeps your head super warm.

canada goose outlet The coat also zips weird around the neck. I always have to wear a scarf and leave the top unzipped a few inches otherwise I feel like I’m choking. It’s waterproof (not that you’d wear it above 32 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s raining) but that helps when the weather is a “wintry mix” of rain and snow. Also blocks off the wind. This coat is the equivalent to a three-dog night. In hindsight, I wish I had bought a long version of this coat because you’re only going to wear it when it’s well below freezing, otherwise you’ll feel like you’re a walking fireball.

canada goose mens sale There are straps inside so you can wear it like a backpack, but the coat is heavy and you wouldn’t want it strapped to you for long. There are snaps on the back that you can unsnap if you are riding a bike. I would never wear such a heavy coat when I’m biking. Then again I don’t bike when it’s below freezing.

canada goose jacket clearance I’m 5’5″ and 118 pounds and the small was the best fit for me. You won’t need a lot of room for sweaters and stuff underneath because this is a VERY warm coat. That said, everyone is different. Some people have circulation issues and need to wear lots of layers. If that’s you, size up. I’m usually an XS but the XS was too tight for me. S was the best fit. You can cinch in the waist a little with the adjustable straps. The side pockets are great but the other “hand warmer” pockets are ridiculously small. It should be called a finger warmer pocket.

canada goose jackets on sale I love this coat. I ordered it as a “backup” to the Whistler, in case that didn’t fit. It arrived fast (before the Whistler), I tried it on and fell in love, so I am keeping it. The Redwood is the good alternative to black, and also to the plain Red they offered. Just didn’t want to look like a Redcross worker or a (winter) lifeguard. The red is a deep rusty red, very classy and fun. The fur is so soft and the buttons add the “chic” element. Can’t wait to wear it out, which will have to wait for a bit, as weather decided to warm up all of the sudden.

canada goose jacket womens It took me a year to bite the bullet and purchase this coat. I Love it. Worth every penny! It has awesome features I never knew were necessary for a coat like straps to wear it like a backpack. I use them at wrestling meets etc so ppl r not walking on or walking off with it. They r also nice when shopping because it’s much to warm to wear the coat indoors for the extended time. I’m amazed at how warm the fur is on your face and you can cinch the hood up so it’s not so big and make it bigger for more warmth when you are outside for long times in the cold. It also has straps to cinch the sides for a more contoured fit. The button on the lower back of the coat is ideal when riding in the car so I’m not restricted to movement! Also, I’m an average 8 I do have a little broader frame through the shoulders. I tried on a med in a store that fit perfect but I felt slightly restricted through the shoulders therefore a large was the perfect fit for me

canada goose parka mens My experience with the exchange was really great, no questions asked! I got my replacement Canada goose Kensington Parka in almost in no time. I love my jacket keeps me warm, fits perfect. Everything regarding this purchasing and return has been a great experience. Keep up with the excellent customer service!

This is the best parka out there! The color is awesome, and it is sooo warm. I get compliments all the time, from both, men and women. This parka exceeds my expectation. It was an excellent investment, and I will have it for years to come.

parka canada goose  This coat is awesome! I bought it for a trip to Alaska. The temperatures only got down around freezing, but I’m from Miami, FL, so I’m not used to temperatures that low. I was toasty warm without feeling like a bundled up marshmallow or overheated. The coat is not too poofy. The quality is top-notch! This is a coat I will have for a long, long time. I will suggest that one order a size up. I wear a medium t-shirt (bust 36C). I figured I needed a large to fit around the bustline. The large turned me into a very uncomfortable boy, so I returned it and ordered a size up (XL). No problems with either the exchange or the fit now (it is slightly larger but I like that type of fit over skin tight!). This is an awesome coat!

canada goose parka mens It’s a very nice parka and has a slimming effect the way most CG ladies coats seem to. The Mystique long CG coat I also got definitely does and I love it! But a word of caution!- if you are well endowed “up top” (like I am) or around the mid-section ladies and you must have this style of CG parka then I would suggest going up one size larger then your normal one for a better fit. But if you are average to small “up top” then you will just love it! -I only found it a bit snug around my chest -but the sleeve and coat lengths were perfect!

canada goose jacket womens I bought this Parka 1 month ago and it is incredibly warm. Chicago winter is pretty tough and with this parka, I feel like I’m in a Sauna : ). It’s a very stylish coat, not elegant but stylish. You are not gonna find a super warm and elegant coat because there’s not such a thing: very warm coats are usually bulky and not so pretty, while stylish and elegant coats are not warm enough for the extreme cold weather. This park is the best you can get if you have to face very cold weather and want to look pretty and stylish at the same time. One more thing: When you get indoors like in a supermarket or a store you can wear it as a backpack and don’t have to hold it in your arms!!! That’s a plus! Graphite color is amazing.

canada goose jackets on sale Montreal winters can be cold. Maybe not arctic cold, but cold. My wife was always unhappy, even when wrapped up in the so-called warmest of the warm parkas. (Yes, I’m talking to you North Face, et al) Last winter I picked up one of these (Kensington Parka, Berry, SML) for her as a Christmas gift, and it was a big hit. It looks a little too “ski patrol” for my personal taste, but SHE loves it. The “honey, I’m cold” era has officially come to an end, and we’re both better off for it. FYI, the parkas sold by Amazon are absolutely authentic. Be wary of some of the marketplace sellers, though. There are plenty of Calvin Klones and Luis WonTons out there…

canada goose jacket clearance As with all Canada Goose products we own, also this parka is of perfect, very sturdy, quality. You can instantly notice the excellent materials used, both the shell as well as the down used are of high quality. The parka keeps you warm even during long and cold winter days.

Certainly worth the extra money, in particular, due to the fact that Canada Goose products are manufactured in Canada and thus save jobs and support the local economy in North America. Much better than to spend a few bucks less for a down jacket (such as for North Face, Outdoor Research, Patagonia and what have you) which has been produced in China.

Highly recommended!

canada goose mens sale The Kensington Parka by Canada Goose is everything one could want in a coat. It fits like a glove and is exactly what everyone needs to survive the bitter cold and snowy winters in Boston! The coyote fur is a beautiful touch and the pockets are super warm. Truly a must buy!

canada goose outlet Love my parka! It is very warm. A little heavier than I am used to for a down parka but this parka is definitely good for my New England weather where the snow is sometimes wet. I bought my parka from SkiCenter and the service is excellent. Stuart answered all my inquiries about sizing and weight of the coat compared to the Canada Goose Camp coat on a timely basis.

canada goose jacket mens sale I have been looking to replace my shearling coat for the past 2 winters with something that is equally stylish and equally warm. The shearling coats have become prohibitively expensive and I just couldn’t afford to replace my old one which I have had for about 10 years. I saw this coat on a woman in Montreal last winter and tried to find it in the stores. I really wanted to try it on before making the purchase but I couldn’t find a store that carried it. I bought it and lo and behold, it fits, it’s warm, it looks stylish and it was less than half of what I paid for my shearling 10 years ago! I highly recommend this coat.

The park is really worth to buy. It’s warm enough even for cold Moscow winter. Now it’s -10C degree and it’s even a little bit overheating (without any layering) but comfortable.
I bought Navy color and it’s much darker than it looks at the picture, almost black. It was not so delightful, but not a disaster after all.

canada goose bomber This jacket was everything I had been looking for in a parka; covered my butt, comfortable, incredibly warm with a great fur hood. I had to send it back regardless for several reasons. The fur collar was beautiful and real, but it went too far over my head and created poor visibility when wearing it up. I ordered a Small which turned out to be too big, the XS probably would be perfect – I wonder how the XXS would fit?

Lastly, I loved the color but I have a preference for black…all in all a jacket well worth the investment should it fit you well.

I’m 5’7″ and weigh 132…

Amazing warmth and fit! Waterproof too! I’m finally no longer cold in the winter. It’s long enough that it covers your rear-end and you can sit on the coat in case your car seat is cold like mine. The only thing I would change is the buttons with the loop attachment. I find the loops get caught on things.

canada goose jacket mens sale This is a very well made coat. It is a very feminine coat with a tailored slim fit that hugs your body. I bought the summit pink color and it is a beautiful bright pink. I wore it for the first time today and received many compliments. The only downside on this coat is that I live in Canada and Amazon.ca does not carry this item and I had to buy it from the US. I was charged over $250.00 in duty and taxes in addition to the exchange rate so it is a very expensive coat. Amazon shipping was excellent, I received the item sooner than expected. I anticipate having this coat for many years.

This is a very nice, well made and attractive coat. Canadian made, I think. The sizes tend to run a little smaller than the equivalent American sizes. I like it that the hood does NOT detach, which is a difficult feature to find in a winter coat nowadays.

canada goose outlet This coat is so nice that I tried to buy a second one in a different color as a gift for someone else and, not surprisingly since Amazon was selling it a little cheaper than other online vendors, none were available here anymore…all sold out.

I looked and researched for a very long time for a coat that would keep me warm in extremely cold temperatures but not overheat me in mid-range temperatures. This is costly but worth it – the attention to detail and features of this product are amazing. It truly keeps me warm and the lined deep hood creates a tunnel that effectively blocks out arctic wind blowing right in my direction. I don’t think I will ever buy any other brand and I don’t think this coat will ever wear out – it is that good.

parka canada goose  I originally bought a medium and that was snug. If you plan to wear a sweater under the coat, I recommend considering a size larger. The hood is very luxurious. Although it is obvious there is fur on the hood, you should know it is also faux, short fur inside and the hood is very thick. This is something I have not been able to find in other coats and makes this coat supremely warm. The hood has a kind of “belting” feature that allows you to fit it for your head. The only downside is that you are not going to make any fashion statements in this parka, but winters are not a fashion show. Although the model looks good in this coat, other coats like the puffer North Face seem to be more fashionable. I am considering buying more for my family even though it is expensive. It is quality and proves you get what you pay for.

“Is the Canada Goose Trillium Parka in Graphite color? It seems like it is MidGrey? ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Helena Persson on 1/22/2012 – 12:13 pm
A: “Behind every grey cloud lies a silver lining! It is a darker Graphite color, it is showing up a bit lighter in the picture, but be rest assured that it is the Canada Goose Graphite.”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/23/2012 – 3:59 pm
“Is the Canada Goose Trillium Parka has hologram inside?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Diana on 1/31/2012 – 4:00 am
A: “Yes! We are an authorized Canada Goose dealer and these jackets do have the authentic hologram inside. ”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/31/2012 – 1:44 pm
“if you wear a size 20 women coat will the xl trillium fit”
2 Answers | Answer Question
By Gp on 2/2/2012 – 2:17 pm
A: “The XL has a chest size of 41-43″. If that measurement works for you, then the size XL will be perfect!”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 2/2/2012 – 4:27 pm
A: “Unless you have the hips to match, then the bottom portion of the coat may be too tight. (The shoulders and chest will fit fine though!) Found 16 trouser size makes the even the XXL unwearable.”
Answer by JB on 1/31/2013 – 6:28 pm
“What models do you have in women’s coats with the fur hood in size XXL?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Sarah on 2/8/2012 – 9:15 am
A: “You should check out the Obermeyer Eden Ski Jacket, the Obermeyer Tuscany Ski Jacket, or the MeCo Paige Insulated Ski Jacket. They are all really great choices!”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 2/8/2012 – 3:53 pm
“hi, I wear men’s size medium. but I love this red color and the women’s model. what sz do you think this W jacket will fit guys medium. I’m about 5’9” athletic shape waist 32 weights 180lb I usually wear sz men’s medium. let me know what sz will fit me in this W model. thank you ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By David on 2/27/2012 – 10:59 pm
A: “The women’s model is shaped differently than the men’s. The waist is more fitted to give more shape to the jacket. Unless less you like a really fitted jacket I would not recommend doing this. You would need a women’s size Large.”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 2/28/2012 – 10:46 am
“Does the length of this coat make it much warmer than the Montebello Parka, or are they both pretty similar in warmth?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Jemima on 6/14/2012 – 3:36 am
A: “These are both going to be pretty warm. With more coverage, you will be warmer. The jacket will have more coverage around and below the hips and the Montebello rest just at the hips. ”
Answer by Ashley (Peter Glenn Staff) on 6/14/2012 – 9:07 am
“Does it have a hologram, silver thing, so you know this is a real one?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Tina on 9/15/2012 – 6:17 am
A: “Yes, the hologram that was created exclusively for Canada Goose is on every Canada Goose piece that we sell. If you go to the Canada Goose website, you will also see that Peter Glenn is an authorized dealer of their products.”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/18/2012 – 12:52 pm
“I am looking at the Kensington coat for this fall/winter. Have the Chilliwack and expedition but I am looking for something more dressy that I can wear with suits without the suitcoat tail sticking out. Also, I want something without the bulk of the expedition. Something in a trim/tailored fit. Canada Goose men’s sizes are too generous for my frame. Even the small. I am 5’10” and 140 lbs with a runner’s frame. I take the women’s small in Chilliwack and expedition. Which size would you recommend in the Kensington? Will the Kensington work in my situation?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By harp on 9/16/2012 – 10:49 am
A: “The jacket on this page is the Trillium (not the Kensington that you mention a few times in your question). Both the Canada Goose Kensington and the Trillium hit at the mid-thigh area. If you have purchased ladies small sizes in the other jackets and they fit perfectly, then that is what I would stick with. In terms of your suit tails, please note that Kensington has two kick pleats in the back whereas this Trillium does not. ”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/18/2012 – 12:59 pm
“How I have to clean this parka? It is only dry cleaning?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Nido on 9/28/2012 – 9:00 pm
A: “For regular cleanings, it should be taken to a dry cleaner. Be sure to remove the fur before taking it to the cleaners. You can spot clean it if needed with bleach-free detergent and water.”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 10/1/2012 – 4:20 pm
“Is there a big difference inside between XL and XXL for the trillium parka for the woman?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Pia on 1/22/2013 – 6:56 am
A: “Yes, When I tried on Canada Goose Jackets, there was a big difference between the large size and the medium. I had to go a size smaller to fit me well. I was swimming in a large. I normally wear large jackets.”
Answer by Jaime (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/22/2013 – 9:36 am
“Where does this ship from? Are there taxes? What if it does not fit?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Frances Gauthier on 1/24/2013 – 12:17 pm
A: “Most item ship from our warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There are taxes if an item is being shipped to Florida, Georgia, and Virginia, where we have physical stores located. Please refer to our return policy, if it does not fit. ”
Answer by Jaime (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/24/2013 – 12:29 pm
“Is this jacket suitable for skiing? thanks”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Sophie on 6/6/2013 – 2:54 am
A: “These are very warm winter jackets. They could be used for skiing but I would not recommend it as you would get over-heated very quickly. ”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 6/6/2013 – 11:43 am
“Where is this jacket made? And where are the materials from? If I buy this jacket I should be proud of where it is made. :)”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Sarah on 6/12/2013 – 2:53 pm
A: “The Canada Goose jackets are made in Canada. There are many MANY different materials that go into making a jacket, so we couldn’t possibly know where all of the materials come from as we do not manufacture the jackets, but you could always ask Canada Goose this question. They do use Canadian down in their garments.”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 6/12/2013 – 3:10 pm
“I am looking for Canada Goose Trillium Parka (Women’s) Summit Pink in XS size. DO you have any idea when it would be available? Thank you!”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Vlad on 8/3/2013 – 10:03 pm
A: “We did not order this in the pink color. You can call us or email us directly and we can possibly special order it for you (if it is available from Canada Goose) however this can take quite a few weeks when you special order a specific size/color. Please email or call us with ordering questions.”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 8/5/2013 – 9:26 am
“Hello! Do you ship Canada Goose in Russia?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Elena on 10/5/2013 – 4:42 pm
A: “Yes, Canada Goose is a product that we can ship to Russia.”
Answer by Alex (Peter Glenn Staff) on 10/7/2013 – 9:06 am
“Hi, I was wondering which coat would be better when it comes to style, comfort, and warmth. Montebello or Trillium? Thank you!”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Esther on 11/1/2013 – 1:03 am
A: “Both are comfortable and both are warm, so that leaves us with style. If you are wanting a more stylish option, then I would say that the Montebello is a better choice as it doesn’t hit as low as the Trillium and we also offer the Montebello in quite a few other striking colors, like red, pink and white.”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 11/1/2013 – 2:01 pm
“Hi, I’m considering buying this Trillium Parka but I’m stuck with the sizing. I’m a US Women’s 6-8 and I seem to fall between the size S and M according to the Canada Goose sizing chart. I’m 5”4 and 140lbs. Which size would you recommend? I don’t necessarily like very fitted clothes but too much bulk would look a little sloppy as I’m not too tall. I don’t plan to wear too many bulky layers underneath if this jacket is as warm as is stated. Thanks.”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By MrsBaloo on 11/4/2013 – 11:16 am
A: “We would recommend the size 8 as this jacket is more fitted in the waist. This jacket is definitely as warm as we state. It has 625-fill white duck down insulation which offers superior warmth. ”
Answer by Ryan (Peter Glenn Staff) on 11/4/2013 – 3:33 pm
“Hi, I’d like to order this jacket in small. Is it possible or do you only carry medium and up? Thanks!”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Claudia on 11/16/2013 – 1:21 pm
A: “I am showing that we do have 2 in black in a small. If you would like to order you can call us and order it at 1-800-818-0946.”
Answer by Katie (Peter Glenn Staff) on 11/18/2013 – 3:37 pm
“Hello! I wonder what size could fit me in the trillium parka. I wear an Xl-XXL in clothes. In my old Winter jacket, I have XL but it’s kind of small. I have a big chest area (110-115cm) and a big butt (115-120cm). What size should I have?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By E on 11/26/2013 – 3:15 am
A: “Based on the measurements you have provided us with, an XXL should be a better fit for you!”
Answer by Danielle (Peter Glenn Staff) on 11/26/2013 – 4:10 pm
“Hi. 1. Do you offer this coat in any other colors? 2. What size would you recommend for a 5 ft 4 lady, around 60kg, 90cm waist 3? How do CG jackets generally fit? This is for UK women, does this differ to typical US sizes? ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By NJT on 12/14/2013 – 2:36 am
A: “We only offer the coat in the colors that you see shown on our website. Typically sizes are different from the UK to the US. It sounds like you may be a size M. I would recommend taking a look at the sizing chart here to match up your measurements to be sure!”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 12/14/2013 – 9:09 am
“I was wondering which jacket has better warmth. Kensington or the Trillium? Thank you!”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Esther Song on 1/7/2014 – 12:57 am
A: “As you can see, we have given them both the same exact rating (a 10/10) for warmth. They both have the same amount of down insulation in them, 625-fill white duck down, so one is not going to be warmer than the other.”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/7/2014 – 2:46 pm
“Hi, I am looking at the trillium and the Kensington for my college daughter on a very cold college campus. What is the difference between these two coats? is it just the kick pleat on the back? ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Carol on 1/7/2014 – 7:53 pm
A: “Some people find the Kensington to be a bit slimmer in style. We have the same model wearing both jackets, so you can see what she looks like in each one. They are styled slightly different (Kensington has toggles, Trillium has the front cargo style pockets, etc) so there are slight differences between them based on your personal style preference. ”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/8/2014 – 3:35 pm
“After reading reviews I’m concerned about the fit of this jacket–I’m average sized in the bust, smaller around the waist, but I have fairly big hips. Is this not the right CG jacket for me? Which jackets are best for big hips? Do I have to go with one that hits at hips?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Alex on 1/10/2014 – 2:53 am
A: “The Kensington or the Montebello would work best for you. If you are looking for a longer jacket you would want to go with the Kensington. ”
Answer by Katie (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/10/2014 – 11:26 am
“How windproof is this jacket? I’m considering taking it on a mountaineering trip with temperatures of -5 to -10 Fahrenheit and maybe 20 degrees of wind chill.”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Elisabeth on 2/14/2014 – 2:17 pm
A: “This jacket is made for temperatures -15 and below. It also has insulation for arctic conditions. It would keep you very warm.”
Answer by Katie1209 (Peter Glenn Staff) on 2/17/2014 – 2:15 pm
“I am normally on size XS, should I go a size down of this Jacket, say XXS”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Sandy on 7/31/2014 – 6:34 am
A: “I would recommend checking out the size chart. You can view it here! Some people so need to size down a size for Canada Goose products, however, the size chart will be the most accurate. ”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 7/31/2014 – 9:23 am
” I wanted to purchase a red trillium jacket size small for my daughter. I wanted it as a Christmas present but I want to buy soon as it tends to sell out. Do you have flexibility in your return policy? Thanks. ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Lisa k on 8/15/2014 – 1:51 pm
A: “Yes, we definitely do. We are very flexible with our 30-day return policy. We will usually accept items back if it was a holiday gift as long as the tags are still attached and the item is unused. As long as you are not returning it 6 months after your date of purchase, you will be fine. ”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 8/15/2014 – 3:47 pm
“I was wondering if I should purchase the XXS or XS (I’m 5’4, 113lbs & 23inch waist)? I’m built pretty slimly down to up. I checked the size chart and I’m not sure which one to pick because by the looks of it I can be a size XXS or XS. Also is the Kensington Parka have the same sizing as this Trillium if I decide to purchase the Kensington Parka instead?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Janet Y. on 8/23/2014 – 5:12 pm
A: “If your chest is 30-31″ and your waist is 23-25″ then the XXS would work best for you. The sizing will be the same in both jackets.”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 8/25/2014 – 3:02 pm
“What is the back length of the medium size?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By DBS on 9/11/2014 – 12:45 pm
A: “The back length on a size M is 35″.”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/11/2014 – 1:11 pm
“Hello, I’m 170 cm tall,70 kg and around the fullest part of my chest are approx 95, hips ~ 105 cm. Usually I wear size M. What size Trillium Parka should I buy – M or L? Thanks for your answer..! ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By dovile_d on 9/12/2014 – 8:44 am
A: “We would recommend based on the measurements that you have given us to go with a size XL. This jacket is tapered at the waist given it a more fitted feel.”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/12/2014 – 9:17 am
“Hello, I’m about 5’10” 155lbs and very fit. I have strong/broad shoulders. What size do you recommend? Thank you”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By College Campus on 9/15/2014 – 12:20 pm
A: “Unfortunately we would need some further information from you in order to recommend the right fit. If you can provide us with your chest, waist and hip measurement I will be happy to further assist you in finding the correct size.”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/15/2014 – 12:31 pm
“What is the bust measurement on the XXL? And are these coats returnable for a full refund (not a store credit) if it doesn’t fit? Thank you.”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Sara on 9/24/2014 – 7:42 am
A: “The bust for the XXL is 44-47″. Yes, you can return the item for a full refund if you do not like the fit. You can view our return policy here.”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/24/2014 – 8:16 am
“Hi. Is this washable and dryable or must it be dry-cleaned? Thank you.”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Sara on 9/24/2014 – 6:55 pm
A: “This jacket is not machine washable. For regular cleanings, you should take it to be dry-cleaned. ”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/25/2014 – 9:15 am
“Hi, I’m 5’4” and 120 lb. I’m wondering if a size S or XS would fit better. I’m hoping that I can wear something bulky (like a sweater) underneath without feeling too tight around my arms. Thanks!”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Shan on 9/25/2014 – 4:47 pm
A: “I would recommend looking at our size chart found here to give you a more accurate fit in this jacket. ”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/25/2014 – 4:58 pm
“is your red Trillium REDWOOD?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Glenn on 10/12/2014 – 2:25 pm
A: “Canada Goose is calling the red color for the Trillium Red, not redwood. It is a very true red color. ”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 10/14/2014 – 10:27 am
“In the video what size is the model wearing? What size does she usually wear?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Samantha on 11/20/2014 – 11:18 am
A: “The model is wearing an XS, and she usually wears a size Small! ”
Answer by Danielle (Peter Glenn Staff) on 11/20/2014 – 11:33 am
“Do you guys carry fusion fit or just the regular fit? thanks”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By z on 12/9/2014 – 10:09 am
A: “The Canada Goose models with a “slim” fit are: the Majella, the Kensington, and the Shelburne.”
Answer by Valerie R. (Peter Glenn Staff) on 12/9/2014 – 12:22 pm
“What is warmer, the Trillium jacket or Kensington from Canada Goose?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Anne lamb on 1/6/2015 – 9:08 am
A: “We’ve given them both a rating of 10/10 for warmth. Down insulation, which both of them have is the warmest.”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/6/2015 – 12:24 pm
“I don’t see Peter Glenn Sports listed as an authorized Canada Goose dealer on the Canada Goose website. Are you not authorized? Are the Canada Goose jackets you sell authentic? Do they have a hologram inside or other proof of authenticity? Thank you. ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Authorization on 1/10/2015 – 2:52 pm
A: “Actually, we are listed on the true Canada Goose website as an authorized dealer. You can also call Canada Goose directly to verify this. All jackets come with all current/up to date proof of authenticity. ”
Answer by Martha (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/12/2015 – 3:09 pm
“Its made in Canada ?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Christina brown on 1/12/2015 – 5:04 am
A: “Canada Goose is a Canadian manufacturer.”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/16/2015 – 4:29 pm
“Does this parka run big? If I usually wear medium should I order a small? ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By on 1/13/2015 – 12:26 am
A: “This particular parka runs true to the sizing chart found here!”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/16/2015 – 4:54 pm
“Hi there, do you deliver to London? If so, how much would it cost?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By London on 1/15/2015 – 4:29 am
A: “We do ship internationally! You can view some additional information on our policies here!”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/15/2015 – 9:24 am
“Hi. Was wondering…you guys mentioned you are an authorized dealer for Canada goose but yet you are not listed on Canada goose website. Can someone explain? Thanks”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Autumn on 4/12/2015 – 2:08 am
A: “We most definitely are listed on the Canada Goose website as an authorized retailer. We are located in Florida so try a search that state to find our store!”
Answer by Sarah (Peter Glenn Staff) on 4/13/2015 – 9:50 am
“Wondering what size would be best for me to buy for the Trillium, I’m 5ft11″ bust 37″ waist 29″ hips 36″ – was thinking maybe the medium size given my height?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Steph on 9/8/2015 – 6:12 pm
A: “Yes, based on your measurements, a medium would be the best size for you.”
Answer by Amy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/15/2015 – 11:29 am
“What’s the length of size XS from center back to hem? ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Winks on 9/26/2015 – 11:25 pm
A: “The length of a size XS will measure approximately 33″.”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/28/2015 – 10:55 am
“I have been searching high and low for a Black Shelburne XXL Parka. Any chance you might have one or know where I can find one?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Theresa on 11/18/2015 – 12:50 pm
A: “Unfortunately, we only have up to an XL on the Shelburne parka and we do not know where you might find one. However, we do have some other styles by Canada Goose in an XXL if you would like to follow this link to take a look at them. I am so sorry that we do not have what you are looking for, but if you have any further questions please feel free to ask us! ”
Answer by Julia (Peter Glenn Staff) on 11/18/2015 – 3:48 pm
“Hello! I wear XXS on my goose expedition, what size would you recommend to wear for trillium? ”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Anna on 1/27/2016 – 5:13 pm
A: “Both the Trillium and Expedition are relaxed fit so they should fit similarly, but since the Trillium has a more fitted design you could size up to an XS to have room to layer underneath.”
Answer by Kyle (Peter Glenn Staff) on 1/28/2016 – 10:24 am
“Hi! For the size Large Trillium parka, can you please tell me the length of the sleeves, from the shoulder seam to the wrist, and from the underarm seam to the wrist? Please do not include the knit cuff in these measurements. Thanks”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By MM on 2/28/2016 – 12:15 am
A: “The length of the sleeve measures 26″ on a size Large. The length from the armpit to the wrist measures 20.5″. ”
Answer by Kacy (Peter Glenn Staff) on 2/29/2016 – 12:40 pm
“I have been searching for an extra warm winter coat. However, I am around 5’4. I am easily chilled. I am hoping to find something that falls below the fanny. So I do not want anything with a slim cut. What do you suggest?”
1 Answers | Answer Question
By Shelley on 9/21/2016 – 7:32 am
A: “Based on the information you gave me, the jacket you are currently looking at will be a great option for you!”
Answer by Julia (Peter Glenn Staff) on 9/21/2016 – 10:24 am

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